Estimating your way

ArenaSoft Construction Cost Data

ArenaSoft includes our own database of Construction Costs. Click on a Section like “Masonry” to add that category of work to your estimate.

Our Masonry database includes all the types & sizes of Concrete Block and Brick, so you can select the ones you need for this estimate. Unit prices, crews & assemblies can be copied into your estimate with a click.

Our database is completely customizable which is what a contractor needs. Every city has different costs. Delete the sections you don’t need. Add your own lines within Masonry so you can Estimate your way.

Our database acts like a check list. Use this screen to add the major categories of work to your estimate. Then within each category, add the lines you need.

Projects are complex. We make estimating simple, so the estimator can focus on the project rather than diverting his attention to mastering software entanglements.

Try ArenaSoft Estimating… a breath of fresh air.

RS Means Construction Cost Data

ArenaSoft Estimating was developed at a time when RS Means Cost Books & data was popular. Thus in addition to the free ArenaSoft Cost Database, we became a licensed distributer of RS Means Cost data, and provided the Means Data to clients as an optional additional cost.
General Contractors however prefer the ArenaSoft Cost Database because they can customize the lines and costs and make it their own.
As a result our GC clients rarely bought the optional Means data and our RS Means data sales dropped off. We are no longer licensed to sell the RS Means data. The RS Means functionality and sample data remain in ArenaSoft as it is an integral part of our software.