Estimating your way

The ultimate estimating tool…

ArenaSoft®, LLC provides the construction industry with estimating  software & digitizing hardware:

  • ArenaSoft Estimating
  • Software Digitizer Boards
  • Construction Cost Data
ArenaSoft Estimating is designed specifically for General Contractors who both self-perform & subcontract out the work of a project.
Some systems produce thoughtless “black box” estimates. We know better. Our click-copy lists remind you of the lines you need in this estimate… and you can customize the lists so you are Estimating Your Way. As you go down a check list and click a line, it is copied into your estimate complete with unit costs, crews, production rates, and predefined assemblies.
Projects are complex. We make estimating simple, so the estimator can focus on the project rather than diverting his attention to mastering software entanglements.

Try ArenaSoft Estimating… a breath of fresh air.